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Qiqqa enables researchers, analysts and PMs to produce higher quality investment research,
improving investment decisions and portfolio performance.

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Qiqqa works with the Investment Research you have gathered

News articles

Company balance sheets

Sell side analyst reports

Earning projections

Corporate records: Edgar, Companies House

Corporate press releases

Internal research and analysis1

Correspondence with company executives

1 Easily save your emails' .doc, .docx and .pdf attachments as PDFs in Qiqqa.


Two decades of finance and technology in London and New York, but within hours of starting his research at Cambridge, James Jardine, Qiqqa founder, had hit a problem:

How can you have thousands of documents in hundreds of folders and emails, and be able to search for, record and later recall all the important information they contain?
- James Jardine, Qiqqa founder

The first version of the Qiqqa desktop software was working within months. Over the intervening 5 years, Qiqqa has gathered satisfied customers from thousands of companies accross a range of sectors, government departments and academic research establishments.

Knowing his peers in the asset management sector faced similar challenges in their research and investment decisions, the Qiqqa team has prepared this resource to help you get the most out of your investment research documents.

Qiqqa is uniquely placed as the best PDF, document and knowledge management tool available. Try the free version of Qiqqa.

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Qiqqa is excellent software with incredible business potential. - Senior Analyst, US fund

Qiqqa is an incredible piece of software with robust capabilities. - VP of Research, UK investment management firm

I don't think any program but @Qiqqa could have allowed us to manage 7600+ articles and code 3000+ of them for a single review...
- Lead Researcher

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